Balconies, Balustrades and Openings

Lindner Facades has developed unitised systems geared towards meeting the performance demands as well as the aesthetic requirements of multi-storey residential developments. Attention to detail in all aspects of the facade complemented by bespoke vent and door systems as well as balconies and balustrade constructions with innovative installations have led to an ever-increasing strength in this specialist sector.

Bolt-on balconies

As part of the complete envelope solution for the residential sector, we are able to provide a design, supply and installation service which includes bolt-on balconies. Generally units are designed to be fabricated off-site. This means that when they arrive on site, the balconies are already assembled complete with balustrades (glazed or metal), decking and associated sheet metalwork, and are ready to be installed to pre-fixed thermally-isolated structural connections.


Apart from unitised balconies Lindner also delivers balustrades for terrace areas like on rooftops or for concrete balconies which both fulfil safety and architectural requirements. 

Opening elements

Lindner curtain wall systems can easily integrate opening elements such as vents in various versions, side-hung as well as sliding doors. Either in cooperation with partner companies or with our own systems and special solutions, the opening elements always fit in the whole facade appearance and are adjusted to required performances.