Fit for the future

High-quality renovation and revitalization of buildings is the main challenge of the construction industry in Germany and in many other countries. Between energy and technology enhancement, sustainability, profitability and preservation of listed structures, it is essential to offer suitable and future-proof solutions to building owners.

Balanced refurbishment strategies 

As experienced specialists for major refurbishments and partial renovations, we are able to assess and evaluate the wishes, requirements and general conditions for interior and exterior renovation, and to translate the findings into a well-balanced concept.

Refurbishments are highly individualized projects: none equals the other, but each one requires competent leadership in every phase of the project. The complexity of the task has to be met with experienced staff, skilled in construction engineering, logistics, project organisation and site management. Handling and coordinating teams across many trades at the same time is a special challenge. Using Lean Construction Management on the construction site, we create transparency for all stakeholders and secure the desired result regarding quality, schedule and budget.

Assessment of existing structures

Lindner is happy to support you from the first assessment of the building. At this point, our experts in the field of fire protection, thermal building physics, structural engineering, building services, Decontamination, among others, make the first step towards securing the overall success of the project in ensuring that everything will go smoothly during the construction phase later. We have experience in dealing with historical buildings, and what aspects have to be taken into consideration when a revitalizing a listed building.

Deconstruction concept

Lindner develops comprehensive deconstruction concepts for complete deconstruction or selective dismantling. We are also highly experienced in carrying out green building refurbishments.

Deconstruction and gutting

  • doors
  • facades
  • floors (including screed)
  • ceilings
  • solid and light inner walls
  • technical building equipment

Structural work

Lindner takes care of all measures for the optimal conversion and renovation of a property, including structural modifications using core drilling and cutting.

Refurbishment during on-going building operations

Carrying out a renovation during the business hours of the building is a matter of trust. We develop a project-specific solution that ensures the maximum safety of all occupants and site staff while maintaining the use of as many rooms as possible during the progressive work.


Dismantling and construction from one source, perfectly coordinated with each other – the best solution for a refurbishment project! After the successful deconstruction of the building, Lindner goes directly into the next phase and ensures the high-quality complete interior fit-out, installation of the building envelope and technical building services.