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Enhanced learning environments

Lindner has been involved in a number of educational projects, from supplying specialised system products for partial refurbishments, to executing entire building sections and completely fitting out schools and universities – also partly in the framework of Public Private Partnerships (PPP) .

For the complex tasks of erecting new school buildings and expanding or modernizing a school complex or university building, our unique blend of experience is essential. We understand the significant technical challenges with regard to fire protection, acoustics and structural engineering, and we know that the design requirements for new learning environments have increased significantly. All functional areas – common rooms, classrooms, auditoriums, science laboratories, offices, libraries, cafeteria, sanitary facilities, sports halls, and public areas for recreation and transit – demand customised and comprehensive planning in order to achieve the best possible interaction between individual building units for everyday use.

Lindner understands how to implement these requirements in the interior and the building envelope within budget and to schedule. Our high-quality fit-out products will always meet your needs for a pleasant and healthy environment. We would be glad to provide you with detailed information on how to achieve this for your upcoming project.

  • construction and renovation of schools, universities and educational institutions in the private and public sectors
  • creation of optimal learning and research environments using environmentally friendly and healthy materials and system solutions
  • experience and know-how for safe deconstruction and revitalization during ongoing work
  • planning and execution supported by the relevant experts for room and building acoustics, fire protection, structural engineering, and building physics
  • fit-outs for all areas, including libraries, auditoriums, technical rooms, laboratories, sports halls, commercial kitchens


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