Heated and Chilled Post Cap Ceilings

The foundation for flexible rooms.

The heating and cooling technology integrated in the Post Cap Ceilings is an efficient way to provide a comfortable atmosphere to suit your specific requirements. Passive areas can also be combined. Heated and Chilled Post Cap Ceilings are perfect for fastening partitions. This ensures you have design freedom for your room layout. Linear Post Cap Ceilings and Systems with Cross Noggins as well as visible and concealed Post Cap Profiles ensure versatile design options. Our range also includes longitudinally sound-reduced solutions.

  • heating/cooling by means of radiation creates a pleasant room climate
  • flexibility thanks to the combination of thermally active and passive areas
  • individual room layout thanks to the possibility of fastening partitions to post caps
  • linear Post Cap Ceilings and Systems with cross noggins as well as longitudinally sound-reduced solutions enable a flexible room design
  • range of design options with visible or concealed post cap profiles possible