Stadiums and Arenas

The field at heart

‘Safety comes first’ is our motto – we never leave anything to chance. Lindner excels in designing interdisciplinary solutions, benefiting from hands-on manufacturer and contractor knowledge. Before we begin work, we will verify your individual requirements through simulations, prototypes and thorough tests using in-house research and development facilities and external institutes.

Stadium projects benefit from Lindner’s extensive experience in fire protection, acoustics, the clearance of harmful substances, and bomb-blast protection.


  • shops and shopping malls
  • lounges
  • offices and meeting rooms
  • locker rooms and gyms
  • studios and press booths
  • museums
  • restaurants and dining rooms


  • facades
  • main roofing
  • fall protection balustrades
  • steel and glass structures
  • anti-corrosion suspended ceilings and wall cladding
  • seating


  • the only specialists for complete interior fit-out and building envelope
  • designs, mock-ups, manufacturing and installation from a single source
  • specialty expertise for high-grade lounge and shop fit-out
  • excellent international network of partners
  • comprehensive knowledge of the latest security and safety measures