Acoustic Elements

Products to create a convenient working atmosphere

Room acoustics are a powerful factor for the individual well-being of people, their motivation and performance in the office. Unregulated noise significantly impedes focused work of employees and builds up a continuous stress level. Therefore, it is important to reduce noise pollution in offices.

We have the ideal solution for every area: Lindner acoustic panels absorb noise in your rooms and eliminate all acoustic disturbance factors in offices and more. This creates potentials for enhancing the staff's performance. Functionality and aesthetics are just two of the many advantages of our acoustics solutions:

  • maximum planning freedom thanks to individual solutions
  • versatile range of applications: can be installed on masonry or as a separate partition wall
  • various materials and surfaces for impressive design
  • optimum sound absorption and speech intelligibility

Maximum Productivity

Enhanced concentration due to proven high absorption values for a calm working atmosphere

Simply Understandable

Improved speech intelligibility by optimum adjustment of the reverberation time

Cleverly Combined

Of course, we choose the suitable absorber according to your requirements and the conditions of your room. By this means, we find the optimal acoustics solution for every system.

Technical Data:

  • high sound absorption level for improved room acoustics
  • various environmental product declarations