With the increasing mobility and agility of our work, demands on workplaces are changing. Just like you, our working environment must constantly adapt to new challenges and react flexibly to changing structures. Therefore, our open space systems are optimally tailored to your needs: Self-contained and freestanding, they offer maximum flexibility and freedom of design – without any connection to surrounding structural elements such as ceilings or walls. The systems can be easily moved, thus allowing it to adapt to specific circumstances.

Lindner room-in-room systems create a pleasant atmosphere for undisturbed conversations and concentrated work – you can hardly design your office landscape more efficiently!

Optimum Room Climate

Individual solutions for ventilation and cooling keep the modular room system at a pleasant temperature all the time.

Be Prepared

Independent positioning allows simple reaction on structural changes – without interrupting ongoing business operations.

High Productivity

Various sound insulation options enable acoustic optimisation – for maximum concentration and performance in the office.

Technical data:

  • integrated lighting
  • adapted sound insulation and reverberation time
  • electrical supply via floor or ceiling
  • effective ventilation and cooling