Cassette Ceilings

Quality in a Square

Squared, practical, economical – Lindner Cassette Ceilings are cost-effective ceiling solutions that impress above all with their simple planning and construction. Characteristic of the metal cassette ceilings are the square-shaped panels made of galvanised sheet steel: These are arranged in a ceiling grid and thus provide a minimalist design with that special touch. 

Unlimited Flexibility

In addition to the familiar standard sizes of 600 x 600 mm and 625 x 625 mm, we offer you the option of creating individual grids to suit your dimensions and requirements. Various cassette versions are available for you to choose from. Luminaires can also be integrated: This allows you to create a bright atmosphere with a functional and modern grid ceiling system – perfect for offices, schools or public facilities. 

  • quick installation
  • simple design
  • homogeneous ceiling surface 
  • integration of luminaires possible