Hydraulic Components

For perfect connections.

For perfect connections of  Plafotherm® Heated/Chilled Ceilings, Lindner provides a great number of hydraulic components and accessory parts. The hoses with stainless steel hose netting are oxygen impermeable in acc. with DIN 4726 and are used as connection hoses. These hoses are perfectly suited to accept a large number of fittings. The quick plug connector MultiQuickConnect does without retaining claws which could unnecessarily damage the pipe frets. Thus, an easy and user-friendly installation and removal is ensured. Visible and tactile green signal discs and a clicking sound prove that the connector is installed correctly and guarantee positive connection and a secure hold. Different combinations of distributors with up to seven connections complete the system.

  • tested system
  • one-stop solutions
  • ideal for Plafotherm® Heated/Chilled Ceilings
  • maintained independently from other building trades