Bomb-blast enhanced solutions - Lindner Secure

The safe way

Lindner Secure is a new product range that was developed in response to increasing demands for better security environments. With heightened risks of terrorist activity across the globe, it is now necessary to assess any public structures where large crowds gather with regard to protection against bomb blasts. Regardless of the type of building – from airports, railway stations and stadiums, to shopping centres and government buildings – former attacks worldwide proved this to be a sad truth. Lindner Secure provides architects and designers with the tools and systems they need to create blast-enhanced environments without compromising on design excellence. 

Lindner Secure has a comprehensive system of facades, partition walling, suspended ceilings and raised floors, with complementary products including waste bins, to meet security best practice without detracting from aesthetics or functionality and, most importantly, without stirring up public fears or paranoia. 

Frequently, building products not protected against bomb blasts cause injury and even death by released splinters. The tested Lindner systems, however, ensure that these dangers through fragmentation will not occur. Lindner Secure products are elegant, unobtrusive and effective, integrating seamlessly into architectural frameworks of all scales to ensure that safety is quite literally ‘worked in’. 

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Your benefits at a glance:

  • preventing fragmentation and the release of dangerous particles
  • meeting security best practice without detracting from aesthetics or functionality
  • seamless integration into architectural schemes without stirring up public fears or paranoia
  • tested to the highest quality standards
  • widely customisable to suit the individual project’s requirements