Cladding Features

We at Lindner are able to integrate an enormous range of cladding materials and features into our facades to make a building become a unique architectural masterpiece. Let you inspire by our galleries and give your thoughts free rein!

Metal components

Metal components of various different types may be included in the building envelope for giving it a special character.

GRC, Stone and Terracotta

Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete, stone or terracotta rainscreens are another possibility for giving the building optical changes and varieties across the building envelope.

Fins and sunshades

Fins and blinds may be utilised for both controlling the entering daylight as well as creating a unique optical appearance.

Facade greening

In order to create healthier urban environments more and more buildings contain of facade integrated plants and greening. 

Wooden components

Under certain circumstances also features out of wood or wood imitations may become part of the façade, but of course only when they are consistent with fire safety.


With LED integration the facade can create special lighting effects at night.