Project Engineering

Delivering outstanding service.

If you need a partner who can react to your individual requirements quickly and flexibly, consider Lindner. To give you a solution that meets your requirements in every way, our experienced workers plan your project to the smallest detail. Our focus on coordinating our processes guarantees tailor-made solutions and efficient construction with significantly fewer interfaces than found in traditional project management.

We begin work by preparing detailed drawings, isometrics and overview drawings. This facilitates the exact planning of insulation designs, as well as making static and thermal calculations. We can take over the engineering of heat, cold and sound insulations as well as structural fire protection for operational systems.

You can expect a comprehensive service from us in the installation of technical insulation. We can take over supervision of the construction site or on-site.

Technical Calculations

Lindner will gladly take over the range of technical calculations for your project. Project-specific frameworks and optimizations require individual attention and calculation. With our engineers’ expertise and vast project experience, we will calculate and design the perfect solution for you.

Calculations offered by Lindner

  • Thermal calculation
  • Calculation of the required insulation layer’s thickness
  • Calculation of surface temperature
  • Calculation of heat flow
  • Sound engineering calculation
  • Calculation of sound pressure level
  • Calculation of sound insulation
  • Statics

Technical Drawings

With our large team of CAD specialists, we produce the necessary technical drawings to support your project. These comply with regulatory standards, which we ensure form the basis for executing our insulation work.

We define the scope and detail of the drawings with you at the project’s outset. This ensures that the project runs smoothly, that there is a common knowledge base for all stakeholders, and that all tasks are completed and accepted to budget and to schedule.

Drawings offered by Lindner

  • General drawings
  • Typicals (principle drawings)
  • 3D drawings


Given the complexity of construction projects, years of experience and considerable professionalism are necessary to ensure clients get state-of-the-art technologies that comply with the relevant standards and regulations. We help you to develop technically and economically optimized solutions and draft detailed insulation and installation specifications which correspond to your project objectives.

Insulation specifications include

  • Work scope 
  • Insulation purpose 
  • Information about the objects to be insulated
  • Specification of the materials to be used
  • Information on implementation
  • General frameworks


The real value of detailed documentations of construction works are often only apparent months or years after the project is complete. When this happens, you’ll be glad that you opted for Lindner to aggregate your project’s data. Our documentations contain all datasets of the materials used in the project.

We also provide the necessary approvals for any building materials still subject to approval. Our reports document how the work conformed to initial specifications. Together with our clients, we agree to the documentation’s scope before work begins.

Our documentations save you time and effort, and they are important safety precautions in cases of emergency, such as in the event of fire.