Our principles and visions

We already defined our collective principles and company guidelines many years ago due to the steady growth of our small craft business to a globally operating construction company. Even nowadays they are the base for our business – they connect us throughout all sites and business sectors.

While doing so we count on the same principles which are also working for many families: to solidarity, reliability, confidence as well as a good network, strong partnerships and the freedom of going your own ways belongs to them. On top of that we gear towards the market and the needs of our customer. We know that it always requires new asthetical, economical and ecological solutions on a high technical level in order to construct buildings. The health of human beings and nature are always the most important thing for us.

Everyone is carrying a part of responsibility for a sustainable, lifeworthy future. Even though we are globally active, we know where our home is and we know our principles.

That is the basis of our visions that we follow as business group and which apply for all business sectors – construction, project development, hotel, catering, agriculture and foundation – and are developed in the specific areas.


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