Lindner Cube solo

Room-in-Room with Single Glazed Profile Walls

Lindner Cube solo
Lindner Cube solo
Lindner Cube solo
Lindner Cube solo
Lindner Cube solo
Lindner Cube solo
Lindner Cube solo
Lindner Cube solo
Lindner Cube solo
Lindner Cube solo
Lindner Cube solo

Lindner Cube Solo

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Workplace: Facilities for Meetings, Conventions and Conferences, Offices, Assembly Rooms, Common Rooms
Education: Library Rooms, Research Rooms
Public Institutions: Court Houses, Government Buildings
Recreation and Culture: Banks
Transport: Airports, Train Stations


Design: Aluminium, Digital Print, Fabric, Glass, Laminate, Perforation, Powder Coating, Steel, Varnish, Wood
Climatic Regulation: Heating and Cooling, Ventilation
Hygiene: Cleanable by vacuuming, Wipeable
Acoustics: Room Acoustics, Airborne Sound Reduction
Statics: Structural Stability
Sustainability: Environmental Product Declaration

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Product description

Simple open space offices with monotonously lined-up desks no longer meet the demand for modern and agile working concepts – efficient working requires more: The modular room system Lindner Cube solo with its diverse combination options attracts all eyes and yet fits seamlessly in almost any surroundings. The system stands self-contained in the room without any connection to walls or ceilings. As a fully glazed construction, it also impresses with a maximum of transparency – for a bright and light-flooded environment. 

Perfect for Every Office

Thanks to the wide range of design options, the Lindner Cube solo is the perfect companion for almost any room concept: Various dimensions, surfaces, materials and equipment variants allow for maximum individuality and adaptability.

Open to New Ideas

In addition to the classic Cube shapes, we have expanded our portfolio with a curved room shape: the Cube Open. The new design approach is characterised not only by rounded glass elements with a radius of up to 1,000 mm, but also by digitally printed surfaces and a coherent colour concept. The highlight is the open access without a door: Instead, a kind of "sluice" leads into the room – of course, privacy and good acoustics are yet maintained.

Individually Coordinated

Thanks to its modular design, the room in room system can also be combined with many other wall designs. This allows you to increase the sound insulation properties even further and tailor the cube exactly to your requirements.

Further Advantages at a Glance:

  • fresh air thanks to high-quality ventilation systems
  • installation of chilled ceilings possible
  • various control options
  • modular design for maximum flexibility
  • structural stability for installation section 1 according to DIN 4103