Structural Fire Protection

Safety first.

The right structural fire protection helps you avoid risks, meet statutory requirements, and take important precautions for your employees, buildings and installations. Our fire protection services meet the highest safety standards and prevent the rapid spreading of smoke and fire. We develop special solutions for industrial, technical and special constructions, and hard and soft fire partitions in building equipment and spray coatings in industrial systems. 

For us, object-specific engineering, quality assurance, documentation and monitoring and assessment by an independent testing centre are self-evident for every building and industry type.

Thanks to our Lindner Research and Development division, we are always in a position to design the best solution for your project. We cover 100%  of the requirements for structural fire protection services. Let our trained and experienced fire protection specialists assist you in your project!

Project management for structural passive fire protection

  • Inspection and assessment of reconstruction projects by Lindner specialists
  • Object-specific engineering for complete restorations
  • Research and development division
  • Customised solutions
  • Individual approvals
  • Manufacturer-independent fire protection solutions
  • Complete documentation of the services provided

Fire protection for ventilation systems

  • M3 fire protection mortar
  • Manufacture, cladding of ventilation ducts EI90
  • Soft partitions

Fire protection for pipeline installations

  • Fire protection mortar
  • Innovative fire protection foam solutions

Fire protection for electrical installations

  • Fire protection mortar
  • Innovative fire protection foam solutions
  • EI90 cable ducts

Fire protection for steel beams

  • Cladding of steel structures EI90
  • Coating of steel structures

Fire protection for tunnel systems train/car

  • Fire protection lining of tunnel walls, tunnel covers and columns, also with coating
  • Reinforcement scans with complete documentation
  • Fire protection mortar
  • Installation of fire protection installation ducts
  • Fire partition solutions in cable arches and tunnel tubes, taking into account suction and pressure loads, rodent-resistant, frost/dew proof
  • Individual signage on most materials