Offshore & Shipbuilding

At your disposal on any ground.

In addition to classic onshore scaffolding solutions, our services also include scaffolding for the offshore sector.

  • Offshore wind turbines
  • Petroleum and gas transport platforms
  • Ships

We support you from the initial design to clean dismantling – and all the maintenance work in between! Our individually developed solutions, tailored to your constructions, refurbishment needs or inspection project, ensure that we can deliver efficiently with a minimal impact on the environment. From the planning and approval stages to the construction and commissioning of new plants, we work closely with you to ensure the project is optimized to its full potential.

Areas that are difficult to access are installed, repaired, maintained and inspected by our industrial climbing team, who have been trained to FISAT Level 3. Certifications such as BOSIET (basic offshore safety induction and emergency training) and HUET (helicopter underwater escape training) guarantee the highest degree of work safety.

In addition to selecting employees whose skillsets are most pertinent, we also make special logistical arrangements for our scaffolding material because transport is only possible by sea and the lifting capacity of the platforms’ plants is limited. The coordination and exact calculation of the required material is therefore a precondition for a smooth workflow.