Room Acoustics

less noise, more Well-beinG

A good room design is not only defined by what we see. Besides appealing design, the thermal comfort is one of the most important criterias for a high quality of stay and the subjective well-being in a room, as well as for cognitive abilities and an efficient working method. An optimum room acoustics verifiably increases concentration and performance. 

Especially when several people are in a room, well harmonised acoustic are essential. The function of a room plays a decisive part here : a concert hall, for example, must be considered quite differently from a patient’s room, a school class or open working environments. Lindner owns many years of comprehensive expertise and practical experience. 

For an effective acoustic concept, we consider the criteria reverberation time, controlled sound propagation, low background noise level and speech intelligibility for each room and bring them into suitable interaction. 


  • calculation of room acoustic parameters
  • calculation of room reverberation times (spatial fading) 
  • consultation and support for improving the acoustics in rooms of any size or purpose
  • project-related conception/calculation of absorption and reflection behavior of surfaces or equipment
  • conception of special constructions and product development 
  • documentation and creation of detailled technical data including testing

You can also use our room acoustics calculator to quickly and easily find the right Lindner products for your room.

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