Lindner Group Compliance

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct contains the main values and ethical business principles of Lindner Group. All companies within the group are obliged to follow the principles in our daily business and in cooperation with our stakeholders.

This Code of Conduct includes the concepts and codes of behaviour and should be followed by the company itself as well as all companies involved, building the basis for avoiding criminal action.

The instructions of this Code of Ethics apply without exception to all employees and agents in the companies of the Lindner Group in all positions and all areas of responsibility.

They also apply to all other persons or companies who in any way are acting in the name of and on behalf of Lindner, equally and without exceptions.

Code of Conduct (PDF)

Compliance notification system

The corporate culture of the Lindner Group is characterized by clear responsibility, mutual respect and trust. Legal action and ethical behavior are an integral part of our business activities and an important prerequisite for the sustainable safeguarding of our entrepreneurial success. Our primary goal is to avoid risks that endanger the trust of customers, business partners and the public in the Lindner Group.

Our external compliance notification system is available to everyone for individual or anonymous reporting of possible violations.

Compliance Notification System