Clearance of Harmful Substances

Creating a healthier environment.

A large number of older buildings are contaminated. To clear them of these harmful substances, it is essential that buildings are professionally renovated. Any pollutant, whether it is asbestos, mould, PCB, formaldehyde, or KMF, can lead to considerable health risks. Only by removing these risk-bearing substances can we create an environment that is no longer hazardous.

Our integrated safety system, prepared on-site for every project, protects employees and users of the affected object. Before we begin deconstruction, the work space is covered in foil walls, and all apertures – including floors, walls and ceilings – are carefully sealed. This ensures that no pollutants can escape during works, and that there is no risk for building occupants. Our site staff wear special suits for their own protection, and powerful suction units prevent pollutants from escaping. The safety of our employees and the building occupants is our top priority. 

Lindner is a founding member and certified refurbishment specialist of the Association for Asbestos Treatment (FAS), which has been setting standards for treatment projects for more than 25 years. Our comprehensive know-how is at your disposal to create a healthier environment in your buildings.