Questions and Answers

Here you will find answers on the most common questions regarding an apprenticeship or a dual study programme at Lindner.

What is the deadline for apprenticeship applications?

The deadline is 30th September for apprenticeships taking place the following year. So, if you wished to begin an apprenticeship in 2020, you would have until 30th September 2019 to apply.

To find vacant apprenticeship positions, visit our homepage. You will find them listed with our open job opportunities.

What is the earliest that I can apply?

We advertise our apprenticeships in July, and you can apply directly after we have announced them. You can find these advertisements on our homepage, regional newspapers, and on numerous online job agencies.

We will only accept applications together with receipt of an annual school grade report before the apprenticeship starts. For example, for an apprenticeship beginning in 2020, we would need your school report from 2019.

What should my application contain?

  • Cover letter
  • CV
  • Professional headshot
  • Last midterm report
  • Last school year report
  • Internship certifications (if applicable)
  • Other certificates (if relevant)

Should I apply online or by post?

We would be glad to receive your application, either online or by post! Paper and electronic applications are checked and considered with the same diligence.

Should I bring my parents to the interview?

Our apprenticeship interviews are conducted with the applicant alone. Your parents are welcome to accompany you to meet us, but they should not be with you during the interview itself.

Can I apply for more than one apprenticeship?

You may apply for up to two Lindner apprenticeships (exceptions apply).* If you wish to apply for two apprenticeships, please send us an individual application for each. 

*No separate applications need to be made for very similar apprenticeships, such as industrial management assistant and foreign language industrial management assistant. For such apprenticeships, a simple reference in your application is sufficient.

I am a woman. Do I stand a chance in getting a technical apprenticeship?

Yes, of course! We are an equal opportunities employer.

Do skilled trades have a future at Lindner Group?

We trust in our young talent, especially in the technical division. This means we educate our craftsmen so that they can be effectively deployed after their apprenticeships – as craftspeople, team leaders, shift supervisors, and much more.

Drywall fitters are instructed by on-site construction managers as to how they can handle construction sites after an appropriate time of on-boarding. As a next step, they may undertake advanced training as a woodwork or metal technician. After passing the technician exam, they will have the opportunity to start as a project manager or office worker. Therefore, there is an excellent chance that you will have a good and secure job at Lindner following an apprenticeship in the technical division.

Do I have to complete an internship at Lindner Group to be considered for an apprenticeship?

Don’t worry, completion of an internship with Lindner is not a requirement for our apprenticeship programme.

Will Lindner Group employ me after my apprenticeship?

The chances are high! We deploy 90 % of our apprentices to jobs within the company. Those who show dedication and commitment to their apprenticeship work and training are likely to secure long-term positions at Lindner. 

Christian W.

Senior Quantity Surveyor
Lindner SE | Clean Rooms

Jonas S.

Sales Manager
Lindner SE | Interior Product Supply, Dettelbach

Vera F.

Apprentice Industrial Clerk
Lindner Group