NORIT Products

Underfloor heating system

Cozy, comfortable, environmentally friendly

Lindner offers a variety of floor solutions with efficient water underfloor heating. The innovative NORIT underfloor heating system convinces by simple installation, excellent environmental properties and an effective and fast-responding room temperature regulation.

NORIT-TE Therm represents a dry screed and an underfloor heating system in one and is developed, produced and delivered by Lindner as a complete system.

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Easy planning, dry tiling.

DryMode is a highly effective laying method for ceramic surfaces on Lindner Floor Systems. It enables 50 % faster and dust-free laying of tiles – without the use of primers or adhesives.

The preparations for this method begin in the factory where a layer of cork is applied to stone or ceramic tiles of all sizes, creating a precisely processed compound dry tile. When brought to the construction site, these tiles can be laid at once without any further preparations on a smooth surface, ideally FLOOR and more® hollow floors. Only 12 to 24 hours after tiling and jointing, the surface is ready to carry loads. A circumferential edge on every tile makes for a predefined alignment of the panels to a joint width of 3 mm. Furthermore, the cork acts as an acoustically effective decoupling from the substructure.

DryMode offers extremely quick installation without waiting time and a very high area efficiency. At the same time this convenient laying method guarantees an outstanding quality of the result.

DryMode - Technical Data

  • acoustic and structural decoupling from underground (13 - 18 dB reduction of impact sound pressure level)
  • installation free from emissions and dust ensures clean indoor air
  • elastic cushioning of tiles thanks to the patented decoupling back structure
  • ergonomic laying of large-format tiles at very low risks
  • easy revision for changes in space utilization or for subsequent underfloor installations



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