We offer many perspectives!

Career development

As an international construction company, Lindner offers motivated employees exciting ways to fulfil their personal and professional goals.

Lindner employees have the opportunity to take on various positions both nationally and internationally, to gain intercultural competencies, and to accept challenges of various levels of difficulty and within different departments. To unlock new possibilities at Lindner, all it takes it your interest, enthusiasm and readiness.

Further education

We like to recruit managers from our ranks. To help train and educate our employees for these skilled roles, we offer a rich program of certified training and seminar courses, many of which are given our financial support. After all, our competitiveness depends on the competencies and skills of our employees.

Our training offer ranges from product competency to negotiation seminars and health courses. The subject, content and delivery of these courses can be personalised to the individual employee.

Professional development in Arnstorf and our international subsidiaries is open to all Lindner employees. It doesn’t matter if your started with us as an apprentice or university graduate, all employees will receive the necessary support to integrate into the company’s work ethic and to fulfil their own career plans.

Entrepreneurs within the enterprise

Lindner’s Profit Center system enables individual development and leaves room for employees to implement their own ideas through facilitated decision-making processes and flat office hierarchies.

As an entrepreneur within the enterprise at Lindner, you can take an active part in ensuring our company’s future and success.

Independent of experience and position, we encourage all employees to introduce suggestions for improvements and their implementation. We take these recommendations very seriously and value all employees as creative spirits and instill our confidence in them to determine new pathways for the company.

Christian E.

Business Unit Manager
Lindner SE | Fit-out

Christian W.

Senior Quantity Surveyor
Lindner SE | Clean Rooms