Services and Engineering

A reliable partner from start to finish and beyond

You can rely on Lindner's professional service at every stage of your project. With an exclusive partner network, going back many years Lindner provides the ultimate in knowledge and expertise for guaranteed superior quality.

Our excellent manufacturing capacity ensures quick delivery and efficient installation of all products and, once the handover is complete, rest assured you will continue to receive Lindner's personal service and top-quality customer care.


Our in-house Sales and Estimating department is able to provide early stage support for all Architects, Consultants and Contractors to help develop their aspirations into realised solutions.

Our System Designers and Engineers are available to develop early stage architectural intent into engineered solutions to meet the demands of all modern day facades.

We are able to offer commercial advice and support at the earliest possible phase of a project so that budget expectations are understood by the client team from the very outset. Value-engineered solutions can be proposed in parallel offering the client choices as designs evolve.

In conjunction with the technical and commercial challenges, our highly experienced Operations teams are able to provide planning and installation resolutions for the most complex of facades ensuring that safe and efficient methodologies are implemented with our proposals in line with programme constraints.

Comprehensive bid proposals are prepared through our Sales and Estimating resources in our London, Dubai, Arlesheim and Arnstorf office, incorporating Group expertise during the tender phase and beyond, especially for adjustments at interfaces with interior works. This ensures that continuity of all the necessary tender information is maintained and carried forward into awarded projects.

Green Building Management

Lindner is experienced in projects with international Green Building certification systems such as LEED, breeam and DGNB. We profit for those special requirements from a close contact with our Lindner Green Building department having deep expertise knowledge in how to best carry out such projects. We can provide you extensive consulting in Green Building standards and how to turn them effectively into reality.

For our system developments, the highest Green Building standards, energy saving and material cycle systems like Cradle to Cradle Certified® have a very high priority. We are also able to provide environmental product declarations in ISO 14021 standard for our Facade systems, where the performances in those categories are summarized.

Project Management

Effective planning from start to finish

At Lindner Facades we know the key to a successful project is meticulous planning, communication and, above all else, experienced specialist facade project management. All of our project managers are experienced in bespoke unitised facades, and our management structure ensures that each project team has hands-on support and guidance operationally at director level.

For us, a successful project starts even before it is awarded. Right from the beginning, our operations staff is involved actively in all tenders to ensure our client proposals are based on well-thought-out programmes, and that our logistics and installation methodologies are tailored to the particular project challenges and constraints. By doing this, if we are successful then both our clients and our team have the confidence that our schemes are based on sound planning and workable methodologies.

Dedicated project teams

Unlike many of our competitors, all of our projects have dedicated full-time project teams. These teams are based locally at our worldwide offices, e.g in our UK office in Putney, London during the off-site, lead-in activities but when the project approaches the site phase, the whole project team bases itself full-time onsite, thereby ensuring direct control over operations on a day-to-day basis and face-to-face client communication.

Our project managers have direct contact with all of our design offices and, of course, our production facility in Arnstorf, Germany, where each project has its own full-time dedicated internal project manager to ensure the day-to-day project priorities are achieved.

Communication-driven project management

Regular internal face-to-face focus meetings in Germany ensure our project managers have full control over all aspects of the project at all times and, again unlike our competitors, can give up-to-the-minute information to our clients across all aspects of their projects.

Our project management structure, systems and procedures ensure our teams follow a collaborative approach with open and honest communication both internally and externally with regular reports on each project strand. 

Design and Engineering

Experienced technical experts

The design of quality bespoke unitised facades requires a high level of technical ability and experience. At Lindner we have some of the most technically competent and experienced people in the business. Furthermore, the own fundamental apprenticeship and employee development programs for our younger colleagues are a key principle of Lindner Facades.

Our specialist facade System Design Office, based in Arlesheim, Switzerland, can take a facade from concept to reality, no matter how challenging. Supported by our own in-house facade, structural, thermal and acoustic engineers, facade designs are tailored to suit individual project performance specifications and aesthetic requirements.

Extensive design resource and facilities

With substantial design resources in offices in the UK, Germany, Switzerland and in the UAE, we have the capacity to design multiple complex projects at the same time. So whether your project requires complex 3D geometry, challenging performance, or both, Lindner can provide you with the solution to make your facade concept a reality in the desired timeframe.

Testing and mock-up

Project-specific approach

Bespoke unitised curtain walling is, by its very nature, unique and project-specific. To achieve each solution, it is necessary to design project-specific aluminium profiles and gaskets that meet both the aesthetics and specific performance criteria required by clients.

Bringing designs to life in mock-up format

Taking project-specific profiles and gaskets from the drawing board to final production requires a significant lead-in. For this reason we also offer our clients the facility to see their designs come to life earlier in the process by building full size mock-ups made from timber and/or alternative materials prior to the production of the project-specific materials, which can have long lead times. These “Visual Mock-Ups" (or VMUs) can then act as a benchmark for the final design and materials, and are generally built and assembled for viewing at our factory in Arnstorf, offering clients the opportunity to visit our headquarters at the same time.

Performance testing and much more

As well as VMUs we also produce “Performance Mock-Ups or PMUs”. These mock-ups are produced from the final approved and project-specific materials for the sole purpose of performing the testing of the required standard to prove the air permeability, water resistance and structural integrity of the system prior to going to full production. The facade units for these tests are produced in Germany and shipped to the selected accredited test centre.

In order to guarantee the quality within the whole production time, we also do regular tests similar to those at the institutes at our own test stand in Arnstorf production (FPC). Our in-house R&D Department also carries out certified project-specific testing of system parts, such as impact testing of glass, cyclic testing of vents and many other types of tests which are often required when designing bespoke systems that must comply with the various standards and regulations. We can also provide acoustic testing in our own independently accredited laboratory within our Arnstorf factory.


In-house, state-of-the-art production facility

Our facade production facility is based in the Lindner Group’s ‘home town’ of Arnstorf in Bavaria, Germany, and sits directly adjacent to the main Lindner headquarters and production facilities for our internal fit-out products.

As you drive into the village of Arnstorf from the direction of Munich, our facade factory and offices are on the left hand side. Here, we have our own dedicated 20,000 sqm facade production facility housing state-of-the-art specialist machinery, automated profile storage and two-storey production halls. This facility alone is capable of producing up to 140,000 sqm of high quality unitised curtain walling per year. In addition to this, should the requirement arise, we have the facility to use additional machining capacity and production for pressed metal from our other factories on the site, which covers a further 145,000 sqm in area.

Quality and production expertise is the very foundation of the Lindner Group, and in our Arnstorf home this can be seen in every hall and every product. We look forward to welcoming clients and potential clients alike and giving you a guided tour of this impressive facility.


Delivering high quality facades on time, safely

At Lindner Facades we understand just how important the planning and management of the installation phase is to the successful handover of a completed high quality facade to our clients, safely and on time. For this reason, our planning starts from the very first project meetings, and our installation managers are engaged early on in the process to ensure their valuable experience is fed into our design, planning and logistics strategies.

Fully connected site set-up

Our site set-up is substantial in comparison to most of our competitors, with the whole project team being based full-time on site. And to ensure that everyone can communicate and work efficiently, our site office networks have fast broadband connections to all our various offices around the world.

Tried and tested installation techniques

Our innovative installation methodologies are tried and tested, and tailored to suit individual project constraints. Installing unitised curtain wall at height is our core business and, as such, we have robust systems to manage and control all aspects of our installation activities.

Excellent safety records

Safety is at the heart of everything we do of course and in contrast to many of our competitors, we allocate a full-time safety manager to each of our major projects, not only to ensure our own works are installed safely but also to engage actively with the client teams and those of our fellow trade contractors, making sure the whole site environment is one where everyone can go home safe at the end of their shift. Lindner Facades has recently completed over two million man hours RIDDOR-free, an achievement of which we are very proud.

All of our projects are audited monthly on-site for health and safety, environmental and quality performance, with the results reviewed at board level. This ensures that the service and performance we promise our clients are being achieved on-site.

Maintenance and After Sales

Lindner Facades has their own dedicated service teams which carry out a full range of maintenance and after sales works to the building envelope, ranging from the replacement of a single pane of glass through to the re-cladding of an entire facade. With our specialist knowledge and equipment, we are able to undertake the most complex of repairs with minimal disruption to the building occupants, liaising as necessary with statutory and local authorities, insurers and your specialist advisors.

As further part of Lindner Facades Group, Berlin-based company Lindner Rido is specialised for the inspectation, maintenance and repair for the building envelope. The team's projects, independent from the Facades Group projects, contain both engineered solutions as well as the craftmanship with their own installation teams.