Fire Protection Doors

Simply safe.

Fire protection can not only save lives but can also protect your building from greater damage. Efficient fire-proof elements prevent the rapid spread of fire and thus provide vital time for people to escape.

As a manufacturer of fire-proof doors, Lindner can provide the most diverse solutions, all manufactured to first-class quality - tailored to your precise needs.

  • T30-Fire protection door elements up to 47 dB Rw (=laboratory value)
  • T90-Fire protection door elements up to 42 dB Rw (=laboratory value)
  • flush-mounted fire-protection glazing available
  • highly stressable PU-edge
  • in combination with F30-Fixed glazing (optional)
  • in combination with WK2/RC 2 or WK3 (optional)
  • concealed hinges within T30 and T90 (optional)