Lindner ECO_N®

Hybrid element façade

The ECO_N is the first hybrid façade among the Lindner element façades: The combination of timber modules and aluminium combines cost-effectiveness with sustainability.

Wood as a Real All-rounder

The CO2-neutral wood has a positive influence on the eco-balance of the façade: As a structurally effective component, the wood module in the ECO_N contributes to a 20 to 30 % reduction in CO2, depending on the type of design.

The economic aspect of using wood in the ECO_N element façade is explained by its construction: In the fusion of wood and aluminium profiles, the different properties were conscientiously matched to each other. Thus, the long-term value retention is ensured – this in turn makes the façade particularly sustainable.

Focus on Sustainability

In the ECO_N façade, pure materials with maximum recyclability are used. Lindner focuses on transparency regarding the life cycle assessment and integrated environmental management: All Lindner façades are therefore assessed and certified according to LEED, DNGB and BREEAM on a property-specific basis. 

Visual Highlight

Wood spreads a warm atmosphere in the room – the façade skin with the wood material creates a direct link to nature and thus significantly improves the feeling of living.

The modular combination of coloured partial surfaces of the aluminium profiles with the timber modules, as is possible with ECO_N 80, results in an exclusive and modern appearance. There is a wide range of wood types to choose from – of course, these can also be designed differently from room to room. Independently of this, the exterior appearance of the façade can also be individualised.

Excellent Characteristics

The hybrid façade consistently continues the advantages of the proven basic Lindner ECO construction made of aluminium with its clear sealing and functional levels: The patented PA press strip meets high thermal insulation requirements and the timber module was placed protected from moisture. In the ceiling connection area, the wooden module is replaced with non-combustible materials – a clear advantage in terms of fire protection.

Thanks to prefabricated and high-quality façade elements, the installation on the construction site is also quick and on schedule.

Technical Data:

  • patented spring clip mounting
  • patented PA press strip
  • external face width: 80 mm (2 x 32.5 mm cover strip + 15 mm joint)
  • internal face width: 80 mm (wood/aluminium look) or 100 mm (wood look)
  • very good heat and moisture protection
  • integration of aluminium opening elements or wood/aluminium systems
  • features can be integrated, e.g. LED strips
  • fully compatible with the Lindner ECO aluminium system and therefore interchangeable within the element