AMG Brand Centre


Project: AMG Brand Centre
Building Type: Shops
Address: Altendorferstraße 44C
Zip/City: 45127 Essen
Country: Germany
Company Division: Lindner SE | Floors
Completion: 2022


Project: AMG Brand Centre

The first AMG brand centre in Germany opened its doors 2022 in Essen and has since been setting new standards in the presentation of luxury vehicles. Not only is the Brand Centre a milestone for the city of Essen, but also for the car brand Mercedes-Benz AMG, which is known for its high-performance and high-quality vehicles. With one of the biggest showrooms in the country, the AMG Brand Centre offers an incomparable experience for car enthusiasts and interested parties. The modern design and innovative technology of the showroom reflect the spirit of the brand and invite to discover a wide range of models, technologies and brand values.

In keeping with this, Lindner installed the high-quality hollow floor POWER in the showrooms of the AMG Brand Centre: thanks to its sophisticated design, the floor easily supports the heavy luxury vehicles in the showroom without losing any of its stability. Its ease of maintenance is also ideal for easily checking the underlying electronics and making any necessary adjustments. With its elegant surface, the POWER system floor blends seamlessly into the upscale ambience of the AMG Brand Centre, emphasising the exclusivity of the vehicles on display and ensuring an all-round impressive brand experience.


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