Lindner Life Stereo 125

Glass Partition with front-mounted glazing

Lindner Life Stereo 125
Lindner Life Stereo 125
Lindner Life Stereo 125
Lindner Life Stereo 125
Lindner Life Stereo 125
Lindner Life Stereo 125

Lindner Life Stereo 125

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Workplace: Broadcasting Rooms, Television Studios, Facilities for Meetings, Conventions and Conferences, Offices, Stage and Studio Rooms, Assembly Rooms, Common Rooms
Recreation and Culture: Stadiums, Banks, Museums, Places of Assembly, Cinemas and Theatres, Concert Halls, Sales Areas, Shopping Centres
Education: School, School of Higher Education, Library Rooms, Research Rooms
Public Areas: Entrance Areas, Escape Routes
Transport: Airports, Train Stations
Healthcare: Clinics and Hospitals, Pharmacies (Production)
Hotels and Gastronomy: Hotels and Resorts, Restaurants and Canteens
Public Institutions: Court Houses, Government Buildings


Design: Aluminium, Digital Print, Glass, Powder Coating, Varnish
Safety Technology: Fall Prevention, Intruder Protection, Radiation Protection
Statics: Impact Loads, Seismic Safety, Structural Stability
Acoustics: Airborne Sound Reduction, Longitudinal Sound Reduction
Hygiene: Cleanable by vacuuming, Wipeable
Sustainability: Cradle to Cradle Certified, Environmental Product Declaration
Fire Protection: Fire Resistance, Fire Behaviour / Building Material Class
Corrosion Protection: Interiors

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Fire Protection

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Product description

The Lindner Life Stereo 125 with its front-flush glass enclosure and its suspended surrounding aluminium frame, is particularly visually appearing: The glass wall combines maximum transparency with sustainable construction.

The partition system satisfies the most diverse requirements such as sound insulation, fire protection, fall protection or even burglary protection. Thus, not only you, but also all the relevant and confidential business documents enjoy greatest possible protection.

  • integration of blinds in the double glazing possible – for a high level of discretion at your workplace 
  • adaptability through numerous acoustic design variants
  • project-related solutions possible

Assembly Made Easy

Quick and easy installation is made possible thanks to a high degree of prefabrication and our modular design principle.

Versatile Range of Applications

The Lindner Life Stereo 125 is ideal for offices and conference rooms, industrial and workshop rooms as well as training and research rooms. 

Pure Individuality

For the frame, you can choose between a powder-coated and anodised surface – perfect for your individual room design. Foils and screen printing for the glass surface give you the opportunity to set personal accents in every room.

A Frame for a Sustainable Future

Wall profiles made of Hydro REDUXA® aluminum significantly reduce the CO2 emissions of the glass partition: the used aluminum has one of the best climate balances, which are possible today.