CAS Rooms is Transitioning from Ege Carpets to the Lindner Group

18.03.2024Lindner NewsLindner GroupLindner Press

What began in 2014 under the name CAS Rooms as a successful collaboration with Carpet Concept (since 2021 Ege Carpets) will continue independently as part of the Lindner Group's Object Design division from May 1st, 2024. The Danish manufacturer of premium carpets is handing over its room-in-room solutions business, CAS Rooms, to its long-term partner, the Lindner Group.

The Success Story of CAS Rooms

Ten years ago, Ege Carpets and the Lindner Group ushered in a new era of space concepts with CAS Rooms. Since then, it has become clear that the secret of CAS Rooms' success lies in the high flexibility and modularity of the room-in-room systems, combined with high-quality furnishings and technology. CAS Rooms has been continuously developed and adapted to market requirements in order to offer customers an ever-improving result. Product development, manufacturing, design and installation of CAS Rooms have always been carried out by the expert Lindner. Ege Carpets has been responsible for content development and distribution in the DACH region, Scandinavia and Benelux. And with success: Ege's sales activities have developed extremely positively, and in 2023 Lindner and Ege experienced their most successful financial year with CAS Rooms.

Lindner Takes on a Leading Role

However, as of May 1st, 2024, there will be a change in the long-standing partnership, as Ege Carpets, due to its strategic focus, will now concentrate primarily on its core business "flooring" and will therefore transfer 100 percent of the distribution rights to Lindner. The transfer of CAS Rooms to Lindner SE creates a new opportunity to further develop the product potential and make the processes even more customer-oriented. "The transition is taking place at a remarkable level, full of trust and openness, both towards customers and employees," says Matthias Quinkert, Managing Director of Ege Carpets GmbH. In addition to the seamless continuation of customer and project support, the CAS Rooms sales team will also move to Lindner, retaining their responsibilities in their respective sales regions. This realignment will enable new sales channels and more efficient project handling with minimal interfaces for projects of all sizes.

Ege Carpets and Lindner will remain connected in the future as well – for example, with a joint appearance at ORGATEC 2024. "We are highly motivated to lead a special product into the future and to take advantage of the opportunities that arise from this transition," says Marc-Denis Sakowsky, Team Leader Object Design | CAS Rooms. Special thanks go to Matthias Quinkert, Managing Director DACH Ege Carpets, and Heinrich Büchner, who have been involved with the product since its inception and have now made a significant contribution to the joint handover.