Revolutionary Workplace Flexibility with FlexShell

22.02.2024Lindner NewsRoom-in-RoomPartitions

Lindner FLEXShell is more than just a room-in-room system – it’s the key to a more productive, motivational and healthier work life. With the development of the FLEXShell system, these demands can be fulfilled: The newest generation is therefore the result of continuous improvements and innovations and sets new standards for work place design.

Developed for the Future

Offices are subject to constant changes: They are becoming more agile, more flexible and more digital. In today’s dynamic working environment it is therefore becoming increasingly important to create workplace designs that that promote collaboration while taking the well-being of employees into account. The further development of the FLEXShell system fulfils these requirements: The latest generation is therefore the result of continuous improvements and innovations and sets new standards in workplace design.

More than an Office System  

Standing freely in the room, the FLEXShell allows for a dynamic layout of workplaces, replacing traditional, static office environments. The open room-in-room system enables companies to change workspaces without being bound by structural restrictions. It adapts effortlessly to the different needs of users and office settings. This adaptability is particularly evident in the structure of the module itself: Like a shell, FLEXShell can open or close as required, while the ceiling and wall of the module can be individually configured. The integrated glass wall not only provides a visual connection between the workstations, but also optimises the acoustics.

Tailored Configurations

To prevent visual and technical challenges, significant improvements have been made to the former FLEXShell at the beginning of last year. The optimised cable routing from floor to ceiling is now a significant part of the further development: Thanks to a newly introduces installation panel – instead of the narrow lateral glass view – the entire electrical system is now elegantly concealed and is easier to maintain. The panel is essential not only because of technical reasons but it also increases the aesthetic value of the overall system. The floor profile of the room-in-room system has further been redesigned: The new, slimmer profile of the Lindner Life Pure 620 enlarges the glass surfaces and ensures maximal transparency.

Aesthetics made to Measure

In addition to the functional improvements, FLEXShell also offers a high degree of aesthetic freedom in interior design. You can choose from a variety of surfaces, colours, sizes and materials - individually adapted to your project. With the "Courtyard" add-on, the module can also be extended as required or even converted into a temporary individual office.